Let's get serious about your tattooing!

The School of Ink & Arts is a pioneering institution poised to revolutionize the world of tattoo artistry education. We offer a comprehensive platform for aspiring tattoo artists to embark on their creative journey, whether they are beginners with no prior experience or experienced tattooists looking to refine their skills.

That on top of live Q&A sessions with our teachers, live streaming sessions & in person seminars the School of Ink & Arts is the perfect program to help you launch you career!

All The Tools You Need To Start A Successful Tattooing Business

Tattooing is a complex and specialized art form that requires a variety of supplies to ensure safety, precision, and quality.  Your Welcome to School Supply Box is a thoughtfully prepared package of essential tattooing supplies designed to help you start the career prepared and organized. These boxes are distributed to students upon the completion of enrollment as a way to ensure they have the necessary tools for learning.

Here is a list of some of the basic supplies included in your welcome box that you will need for tattooing.


Tattooing On Darker Skin Tones

Instructor: @inkbypnut

Location: Dallas, TX

Years Tattooing: 15

Specialization 1: Color on dark skin.

Specialization 2: Anime Tattoos

A class focused on tattooing color on darker skin tones, covering techniques, color selection, and skin health. Students learn how to choose vibrant inks and apply them effectively on varying shades of dark skin, while understanding the nuances of healing and aftercare for long-lasting, vivid tattoos.



Sasha Masiuk

Come learn the art of fine line tattooing with world famous fine line artist Sasha Masiuk! 

Professionally known as Sashatattooing, is an LA-based tattoo artist with studios in Russia, Spain, and the United States, as well as an ambassador for a number of established beauty brands.



Take a day off & attend one of our LIVE TRAININGS! 

Come learn in person!

Enjoy a day with some of your favorite artist's from around the world! Learn some new tricks & meet some new artists. Bring your pencils, paper, tablets & laptops to keep up with the day!  

No more aimless YOUTUBE searches!

If learning to tattoo on YouTube alone was possible… You would have already had it figured out by now.

Learn at your own pace when you have time!

With hours of pre-recorded lessons & daily live classes you will always have something new to learn!


Affordable Education!

Nobody wants student loan debt!

Traditional art schools can cost an average of $40,000 with limited relevance to tattoo art.

The average tattoo artist charges $5,000+ for an apprenticeship alone. 

Yes, there are a few tattoo schools out there. They are charging anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000! 

Even with an in person tattoo school once its over you don't have any access to playing the materials over.

You better hope you remember everything! 

A traditional art degree + a tattoo apprenticeship would be ALMOST $50,000!


Don't worry about scrubbing the toilets for months!

Nobody wants to be a slave!

Our program represents a radical departure from traditional apprenticeship models, eliminating the hazing and demeaning treatment often associated with learning to tattoo. We provide a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to seek help and grow without fear of judgment.

Flexible payments!

Ready to get started but don't have it right now?

Our program has multiple payment options to help you get on the fast track to success with your tattooing career!

Make payments as low as $208 a month with programs like Affirm & Afterpay! 


Ready to get learn more?!